The Steps involved in a General Anaesthetic


by Orlaith O’Neill Orlaith O’Neill
This dog, Logan, is one of our larger patients! However the steps involved in a General Anaesthetic are the same whether your pet is a big dog, small cat or rabbit.

The first photo shows Logan having an intramuscular injection. This is his Pre-Medication. We use drugs that calm your pet down before an intravenous line is required. It also helps decrease the amount of drug required to send your pet to sleep and the level of gas needed to mantain him under a general anaesthetic.

The next step shows Logan sitting, and then lying down on the table so he can have his intravenous line and drugs.

We us an intravenous catheter with every patient. This ensures that all the intravenous solution stays in the vein, allows for better control of and administration of the drug. This iv line also allows us easy access to the vein for intravenous fluids, and introduction of any other intravenous drugs that may be required during the operation.

We use an agent called propfol to help the patient go asleep and enables us to place an endotracheal tube into the windpipe.

Logan is kept asleep with an anaesthetic gas called isoflurane, and oxygen is provided through out.

Obesrvations are carried out throughout the anaesthetic by a qualified nurse, all necessary equipment is used to aid in close monitoring of the patient.

The anaesthetic is slowly reduced as the operation comes to an end so that your pet wakes up smoothly from his slumber!
Once he has swallowed the endotracheal tube is removed and a nurse or vet stays with him until he is steady enough to walk again.

The final picture shows Logan enjoying some sensitive food after the General Anaesthetic.

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