Dog, Cat, Isolation wards


Our inpatient wards are purpose built so that dogs and cats can have their own space. This way the dogs are happy as they are not trying to chase the cats and the pussy cats recover a lot faster as they are not in constant fear of the dogs.

Our Cat Ward uses Feliway products as recommeded by FAB.

The cupboards in all our wards, and in prep, at our Taunton based vet practice have soft closed technology so that no slamming doors can scare your pet when being hospitalised. Every detail to make your pet feel comfortable and welcome and safe has been thought of so that they are as stress free as possible throughout their stay.

We also have a separate area for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters and other small furries.

Finally we do have an isolation ward, so in the event of a highly infectious disease in an animal that animal can have individual attention without risking the health of our other patients.

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