Incisor Extraction in a Rabbit


by Orlaith O’Neill Orlaith O’Neill
Removal of maloccluded incisors in a rabbit. Overgrown incisors in a rabbit are non-functional and hinder rather than assist prehension of food. Maloccluded incisors also interfere with jaw movement and the molar teeth can also be affected as a result.

Incisors are often treated with burring the teeth, but sometimes this becomes so freqeunt that it affects the rabbit's general health. In cases or persistent malocclusion extraction is advised.

Rabbits have 6 incisors, 2 on the upper jaw, 2 smaller peg teeth behind these ones, and 2 more on the lower jaw.

An intramuscular pre med was given to Archie to make him sleepy.

Then his ear was clipped and an iv catheter inserted so that he could hve his intravenous fluids and the agent used to make him go asleep.

Archie then had his ET tube placed in his wind pipe to deliver the oxygen and anaesthetic gas to hi lungs and help control his breathing.

He is monitored by a veterinary nurse throughout the operation.

Firstly all his molar teeth that are abnormal are burred down to aid with his chewing when he wakes up.

Then the peridontal ligament is broken down. This is one that holds the incisors in the socket in the jaw. Using special bunny dental instruments the incisors are slowly extracted, one by one.

Needless to say Archie has had pain releif before the operation even starts, and will hav some to go home with him too.

He wakes up peacefully from the anaesthetic and is soon hopping around.

Archie has some medication to keep his gut motile and very soon has his first drink and food.

We need to regularly check Archie to make sure that his cheek teeth are not having any problems as his teeth like all bunnies are always growing.

What a star patient!

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