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We provide expert veterinary care with top of the range veterinary equipment. We provide all services including health checks, microchipping, vaccinations, neutering, pet passports, and KC Hip Scoring. We believe in preventative health and regular checks to ensure that your pet stays in top condition.

  • At Ani-Medics Veterinary Centre in Taunton we operate our own emergency service out of hours and you will not be asked to travel to another veterinary practice for veterinary attention out of hours. Please ring our normal number, 01823 240140, and this will direct you to our out of hours mobile where a vet will be able to help you. Please use our sick pet helper on the homepage to assist you with any emergency medical concerns.
  • All veterinary appointments, even annual booster vaccinations,  are 15 minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes to ensure you have enough time to go over all of your concerns and worries.  
  • All operations are performed in our newly built operating theatre with state of the art anaesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of your pet during operations.  Our in-house lab allows for pre-anaesthetic testing to ensure your pet’s wellness before any surgical procedures are performed.
  • Dentals are all performed with our new air driven high speed dental machine to ensure quicker and less painful dental extractions.  This all means quicker and less painful recovery from dental procedures. 
  • We have special rabbit and rodent specific dental equipment so their time under anaesthetic is minimal.
  • Separate kennelling is provided for dogs and cats and small furries causing far less stress for any pets needing hospitalisation during the daytime or overnight. In addition, we have separate isolation facilities to contain any animals with infectious diseases.
  • Please use our Sick Pet Helper at any time if you want some free advice before phoning us.
  • Homeopathy is a new service offered by us and we can arrange an appointment here or at home if required.

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